EPISODE 26:  Why MLM's Fail You and Why SHOP.com is Different

Episode 26:  4 Reasons Why MLM Fail You and Why SHOP.com is Different


In building a web business now for over 10 years with shop.com, I've seen so many great and talented people start MLM / Networking Marketing Companies only to quit a year or two later and start another one.  One of my partners in business built a mlm for over 2 years and never made over 20k annually in the pay plan and yet 3 years into building a shop.com business was earning over 18k monthly from the pay plan.  This individual didn't have more time - Didn't have more credibility - Didn't get smarter - he just used a different system and it paid him monthly what he used to earn yearly. This started my research and wanting to understand why great people were failing - and it had nothing to do with them.
 I've highlighted just 4 in this video but there are 100's of holes in the mlm industry.  I'm not trying to put down the industry - I'm just pointing out some flaws that many never take the time to educate themselves on.  


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