EPISODE 6:  Struggling with Recruiting?  Top Tips Recorded Live

Episode 5:  SHOP.com vs. Market America:  Learn Why SHOP.com is More Profitable


Learn the math behind these two compensation plans.  SHOP.com was created to fix a broken MLM system.  The math behind MLM proves that the real money is in recruiting and not managing an organization.  This is reason enough to look into owning your own SHOP.com business and avoid MLM structures. 

My people struggle with recruiting for many reasons.  Many common reasons are: networking is too small, your convincing people rather than finding the right people, saying the wrong things, not using social media the right way.....

Recruiting should simply be "expanding distribution" of a company with the right partnerships.  Recruiting is an art of finding the right talents, the people who have ambition, people that have a need and desire and people that you would enjoy working with - THAT TAKES TIME! :)

If you're struggling to recruit in your SHOP.com Market America Business or another Home Business or Virtual business - This video has a few tips that can really help! 


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